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Answers to your Questions..

"Dear Miss Vintage Doll,
I’ve noticed on your page, when you post a photo it’s not only flooded with love and support from your true fans but also with some very negative and hateful comments by what seems to be random visitors. Mostly about your body type or how thin you are. Is this difficult to deal with? How do you cope with something that causes most people to look down on themselves?”

My answer for you fabulous folks!!

"I knew when I started this page I was putting myself in a position to be judged in both positive and negative ways. It’s just one of those things that goes along with sharing who you are on social media. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would get some of the rude and hideous comments I have from strangers who know nothing about me, my life, my health, my body, my situation…. Need I go on? Some of which to the point that when I read them I think "Shame on you! What type of person are you to say that to anyone!"
Here’s the thing ok, I learned early on not to let people who hold absolutely no value in my life steal any of my self worth. Sure they all pull the “Everyone has their own opinion” card as an excuse to act hideous and downright disgusting towards another human being, but I mean really, if that’s your opinion you can keep it. I have better things to do with my time than to let someone that brings nothing positive into my life, hold such weight like changing my view of who I am as a person or if I meet the beauty scale.
Everyone will always have something to say about you sure, it may be positive, it may be negative, it’s your job to look in the mirror and see that you are amazing and have such a strong purpose on this earth, don’t let someone’s ignorant unhappy words ever steal that from you. Why? Because once they steal your self worth, they just toss it in the trash. Don’t let people take something from you that’s that important just to throw away because they don’t truly value it in the first place.”

All my love…
Xx The Vintage Doll


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