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The Vintage Doll

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Dr. Rubin’s Lip Balm

I recently was sent a lip balm by the amazing pomade company Dr. Rubin’s pomade. They make all natural lip balms that I can now say first hand are amazing. As a pinup, red lipstick is a staple for me no matter where I am or where I am going. The down fall is that lipstick tends to dry your lips out, and you just cant have dry lips when you wear lipstick. I have bought and tried pretty much everything, including straight greasy Vasaline, and nothing works. Until now that I have found Dr. Rubin’s Lip Balm. It really is amazing and should be in every pinups bag, purse, bathroom, powder room, night stand and everywhere else. Its a great a;; natural product that actually works! XOXO The Doll


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